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Wellington After Paris: Zero Carbon Capital City

On 15 September 2018 the Wellington Civic Trust hosted Wellington After Paris: Zero Carbon Capital City – a half-day+ seminar that tackled one of the most important issues to face present and future generations – one that will affect our city and its people for centuries to come:

Wellington can continue to be a vibrant place, while responding to the need to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate and rising sea levels. The “Wellington after Paris” Civic Trust forum offers a unique insight into the wellbeing, employment and resiliency benefits on offer when we make the transition to a carbon neutral city.

The Wellington Civic Trust would like to thank all those who contributed to making this forum a resounding success, and in particular all the wonderful speakers for their time and for providing their engaging presentation material for the Civic Trust website.

Please visit the dedicate Wellington After Paris seminar page here for a synopsis of the seminar and access to all presentations and supporting materials

What we stand for

Since the Wellington Civic Trust’s establishment in 1981 our aim has been to help make Wellington the best of all possible places to live and work.

We work to:

  • encourage public participation in decisions that affect our city
  • ensure good planning and design to address the challenges of the future
  • preserve the best of the old, but encourage new development which will enhance our city
  • protect and enhance the unique character and the many natural features of the city, including the skyline, the town belt and the harbour
  • encourage green space and environmentally conscious development
  • develop a pedestrian- and cycle-friendly environment
  • safeguard the waterfront as a public amenity
  • support transport options that enhance the city and health

What we do

The Trust exists to give Wellingtonians the opportunity to have a say in their city’s future.

  • Every two years the Trust organizes a full-day seminar, inviting members and the public to hear broad-ranging and expert views on issues critical to the city’s development. It then provides planners and decision-makers with guidance on what the people of Wellington want.
  • The Trust’s Bienniel Awards recognize outstanding urban projects.
  • The Trust looks at proposed developments for the city and where there are concerns it makes submissions to Council.

How we do it

Over many years the Trust has earned the respect of the Wellington City Council and government groups.  It has the ability to get things done by bringing together those who seek action and those who have the authority to act.

The Wellington Civic Trust is made up of both individual and business members — planners, architects, engineers and citizens. It has achieved much over the years by seeking answers, making submissions and making appeals on decisions.

Become a member

If you are interested in protecting and enhancing the quality of life our city offers we would welcome your membership and support. As a member, you will

  • receive regular newsletters and seminar invitations
  • have an effective forum for discussing the city’s future
  • have the benefit of the Trust’s commitment to listening to the public’s concerns and taking action to address these.