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23 February 2012

A request from our colleagues at the Christchurch Civic Trust

One year on from the huge February 2011 earthquake, board members invite you to consider this request from our Christchurch colleagues.

From the Christchurch Civic Trust:

Online Petition: Stop the destruction of Christchurch heritage buildings

Wholesale destruction continues. The former Sydenham Post Office: demolished. Only 2 or 3 historic / heritage buildings left on Colombo St, Sydenham: unbelievable! Christ Church Cathedral could be demolished in part or full: unthinkable! The owner of the former Chief Post Office in the Square wants to demolish. The former Christchurch Railway Station is still under threat. 

That icon of modernism, the Christchurch Town Hall, could be demolished: inconceivable! We know the signature total reached in the next week or two, including Christchurch Civic Trust hard copy versions, will have an impact. We would really appreciate your renewing / extending any contacts to increase the online total. Each signing sends the petition letter to the Minister of Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee; Roger Sutton, Cera CEO; Cera demolitions & communications managers & the Minister of Arts, Heritage & Culture. We really appreciate your powerful & heartfelt comments! A very sincere thankyou for your wonderful support from Christchurch heritage groups, IConIC and ChristchurchCivic Trust and a very sincere personal thankyou.If you have not signed the Stop Heritage Destruction petition, or have contacts you think would sign, please use the link above. We are trying to raise our grand total of signatures (currrently at about 1500) as high as possible. It is very encouraging to read many wonderful comments from around the world on the change.org site.

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