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  • Midland park


    Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Te Wharewaka - Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Upper Terrace

    Midland Park

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Terraces and kayak



    Tinakori Hill Lookout

    Subject to Change, by Regan Gentry



    no. 4

    no. 1

    Patent slip

    Motor Home Park

    no. 3

    Central Park

    Central Park


What do you love about our city: is it the village feel, the stunning waterfront, our green hills, our magnificent heritage buildings, the buzz of Cuba Street, the sense of being at the political hub — or the city parks, the café life and the beauty of our coast?

And how can we reflect our people, our culture and our aspirations

in the design of our city environment?

The Wellington Civic Trust has been at the forefront of these issues

since we were first established in 1981.

This website is for you! If you are a citizen of Wellington,

a developer or a planner, an architect or an artist:

get involved – join with us

to celebrate all that is best in our city and be part of the debate

on how we develop in the future.