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    Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Te Wharewaka - Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

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    Midland Park

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Terraces and kayak



    Tinakori Hill Lookout

    Subject to Change, by Regan Gentry



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    Central Park

Apr 21 2011

Submission on the Ngauranga to Wellington Airport Corridor Plan and State Highway Projects

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To the Extraordinary Council Meeting 20 April 2011

The Civic Trust is not too concerned about the attitude taken by the NZTA in this matter. Central government always leans on its smaller and weaker partner in government. Moreover, NZTA’s bloodline goes back to the Ministry of Works, an organisation with many qualities, but not, unfortunately, any related to engagement with the public. We expect better of that arm of government which is community-based. This issue will be a true test of whether or not our Council can, despite the lure of central government cash, approach this matter determined to act in the best interests of the communities it represents.

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Mar 23 2011

WCT Awards 2011 – Art in Our City – People’s Choice

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These images were published in a feature in the Arts & Entertainment section (Tom Cardy) of the Dominion Post on 3rd March 2011, and represent highly visible art works introduced into Wellington City since the last Civic Trust Awards in October 2008.

1. Gabriel Heimler’s The Mover, Museum Hotel, Cable St.

Gabriel Heimler's The Mover


2. Regan Gentry’s Subject to Change, Karo Drive, Te Aro.

Regan Gentry's Subject to Change


3. Peter Trevelyan’s Mimetic Brotherhood, outside Te Papa.

Peter Trevelyan's Mimetic Brotherhood


4. Phil Dadson’s Akau Tangi, Cobham Drive.

Phil Dadson's Akau Tangi


5. Paul Dibble’s From Under the Harbour, Moore Wilson, Tory St.

Paul Dibble's From Under the Harbour


6. Colin Webster-Watson’s Frenzy, Tuputeranga Reserve, Owhiro Bay.

Colin Webster-Watson's Frenzy


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May 15 2008


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Welcome to the new Wellington Civic Trust website. We hope you will find the new site useful. Over the next few weeks Trust material will be uploaded into the new structure. Look forward to new features and user friendly dynamic content coming soon.

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