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    Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Te Wharewaka - Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

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    Midland Park

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Terraces and kayak



    Tinakori Hill Lookout

    Subject to Change, by Regan Gentry



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    Central Park

    Central Park

Nov 27 2021

RMA Amendment and Draft Spatial Plan Submissions

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The included links take you to Wellington Civic Trust’s submissions for

  1. Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply And Other Matters) Amendment Bill (November 2021): RMA Amendment Bill
  2. Wellington City Council Planning For Growth – Our City Tomorrow Draft Spatial Plan (October 2020): Draft Spatial Plan

The Trust remains concerned about the complexity of the submissions process.

With respect to the RMA Amendment Bill (1. above), there is concern about the urgency that the Amendment is being put through while Local Bodies are making progress in meeting the National Policy Statement – Urban Development (NPS-UD).

With respect to the submission for the Draft Spatial Plan (2. above, presented in October 2020), the Trust has a mixed response of support and concerns.

We consider that the Draft Spatial Plan responds satisfactorily to the City Goals established in 2017, and we recognise that the Spatial Plan underpins the District Plan, a draft of which is currently open for submissions (November 2021).

There is a concern that no provision is made for monitoring and updating the plan; and while the Spatial Plan is general in nature, it is not specific enough to give form to the intentions of how major developments will be managed.

  • Inner city intensification
  • Prioritizing areas of change
  • Three Waters
  • Sustainability

These concerns flow through to areas of specific interest to the Trust:

  • Green spaces and biodiversity
  • Shelley Bay
  • Lambton Harbour

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Jun 09 2021

Te Ngākau-Wellington Civic Centre Seminar: 15th May 2021

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Summary Notes – Mayor’s Presentation and Sessions 1 – 5

Te Ngākau A.M. Slides Compilation

Te Ngākau P.M. Slides Compilation


The seminar held in the Public Trust Building’s Main Hall provided a broad forum for both civic leaders and professionals from various disciplines to explain the past and current context of Te Ngākau-Wellington Civic Precinct, and closed with a workshop by the participants that worked to develop ideas responding to specific questions related to the planning process for a redeveloped centre.

Moderated by Dame Kerry Prendergast, Wellington’s Mayor between 2001 and 2010, opened with a karakia by Peter Jackson, followed by an address from the Mayor Andy Foster recapping the development of the Centre since the land’s initial reclamation, the seminar touched on a broad range of subjects:

The original Maori settlement and movements
Early European settlement
The development of the Precinct from the first buildings until today
Climate and earthquake resilience programmes
Social and business activities, and civic use of the Precinct
Community development and inner city residents
Where to from here

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Apr 21 2011

Submission on the Ngauranga to Wellington Airport Corridor Plan and State Highway Projects

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To the Extraordinary Council Meeting 20 April 2011

The Civic Trust is not too concerned about the attitude taken by the NZTA in this matter. Central government always leans on its smaller and weaker partner in government. Moreover, NZTA’s bloodline goes back to the Ministry of Works, an organisation with many qualities, but not, unfortunately, any related to engagement with the public. We expect better of that arm of government which is community-based. This issue will be a true test of whether or not our Council can, despite the lure of central government cash, approach this matter determined to act in the best interests of the communities it represents.

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Mar 23 2011

WCT Awards 2011 – Art in Our City – People’s Choice

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These images were published in a feature in the Arts & Entertainment section (Tom Cardy) of the Dominion Post on 3rd March 2011, and represent highly visible art works introduced into Wellington City since the last Civic Trust Awards in October 2008.

1. Gabriel Heimler’s The Mover, Museum Hotel, Cable St.

Gabriel Heimler's The Mover


2. Regan Gentry’s Subject to Change, Karo Drive, Te Aro.

Regan Gentry's Subject to Change


3. Peter Trevelyan’s Mimetic Brotherhood, outside Te Papa.

Peter Trevelyan's Mimetic Brotherhood


4. Phil Dadson’s Akau Tangi, Cobham Drive.

Phil Dadson's Akau Tangi


5. Paul Dibble’s From Under the Harbour, Moore Wilson, Tory St.

Paul Dibble's From Under the Harbour


6. Colin Webster-Watson’s Frenzy, Tuputeranga Reserve, Owhiro Bay.

Colin Webster-Watson's Frenzy


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May 15 2008


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Welcome to the new Wellington Civic Trust website. We hope you will find the new site useful. Over the next few weeks Trust material will be uploaded into the new structure. Look forward to new features and user friendly dynamic content coming soon.

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