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Nov 27 2021

RMA Amendment and Draft Spatial Plan Submissions

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The included links take you to Wellington Civic Trust’s submissions for

  1. Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply And Other Matters) Amendment Bill (November 2021): RMA Amendment Bill
  2. Wellington City Council Planning For Growth – Our City Tomorrow Draft Spatial Plan (October 2020): Draft Spatial Plan

The Trust remains concerned about the complexity of the submissions process.

With respect to the RMA Amendment Bill (1. above), there is concern about the urgency that the Amendment is being put through while Local Bodies are making progress in meeting the National Policy Statement – Urban Development (NPS-UD).

With respect to the submission for the Draft Spatial Plan (2. above, presented in October 2020), the Trust has a mixed response of support and concerns.

We consider that the Draft Spatial Plan responds satisfactorily to the City Goals established in 2017, and we recognise that the Spatial Plan underpins the District Plan, a draft of which is currently open for submissions (November 2021).

There is a concern that no provision is made for monitoring and updating the plan; and while the Spatial Plan is general in nature, it is not specific enough to give form to the intentions of how major developments will be managed.

  • Inner city intensification
  • Prioritizing areas of change
  • Three Waters
  • Sustainability

These concerns flow through to areas of specific interest to the Trust:

  • Green spaces and biodiversity
  • Shelley Bay
  • Lambton Harbour

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Mar 06 2016

Civic Trust Newsletter – December 2015

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To view the Civic Trust Newsletter for December click here.

Aug 02 2011

Submission on the Proposed Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan 2011-21

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To:  info@gw.govt.nz

The Wellington Civic Trust (the Trust) is a strong supporter of public transport, because it:

  1. is consistent with the Trust’s purpose with respect to the civic quality of Wellington
  2. reduces demand on road space and helps avoid need to expand roading space, thereby avoiding the generation of “induced” traffic
  3. contributes to CBD quality by bringing people closer together and improving pedestrian connections, and enables the vibrancy of a compact CBD
  4. has positive environmental effects such as reduced emissions and air pollution
  5. reduces fuel use and so increases economic resilience as fuel scarcity increases prices.
  6. provides mobility for non-car users.

We welcome the opportunity to submit on the proposed Plan, using the questions posed on the feedback form.

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Jun 02 2011

Submission on the WCC draft annual plan 2011/12

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1. The Trust commends the Council for the presentation of the plan – the language is plain and direct and issues for comment have been highlighted to facilitate public involvement. The areas of ‘focus approach’ is particularly useful.
2. We accept the strategy on which the plan is based, as explained in the opening comments from both the Mayor and the Chief Executive. Rates affordability is a key issue. The city has to continue to invest in core infrastructure and if acceptable living standards are to be maintained, so must essential services. A number of service charges are being increased. This is no doubt inevitable because the ratepayer should not have to bear the full burden of unavoidable increased in costs. It would, however, be a shame if service charges forced an increasing number of our citizens to be priced out of services previously within their reach. That would amount to a partial loss of citizenship.

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May 27 2011

Submission on Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding 2012/13-2021/22

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The trust thanks the ministry for the opportunity to comment on the engagement document on the GPS on land transport funding. Our comments follow.


  1. While entitled ‘the GPS on Land Transport funding’, it does not cover KiwiRail’s expenditure on the rail network. It therefore misses any opportunities for looking at the transport network as a whole, and is unlikely to achieve full value for money since this approach cannot optimise the use of all existing resources and infrastructure. For example, Hamilton to Tauranga is proposed as a RoNS while the parallel railway line has received some upgrading and is capable of more.  Read more »
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Mar 03 2011

Wellington Regional Councils Governance Review submission

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1. The Wellington Civic Trust welcomes the decision of the Mayoral Forum to review the governance of the Wellington region and to commission the report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The reorganisation of Auckland’s governance will have far reaching implications for other regions in New Zealand. The political tectonic plates have shifted up north and the rest of the country must adjust. Each region has its role to play in national development. Wellington is not only the capital, it also provides a crucial transport bridge between the North and South Islands which means that network capacity needs to take account of national and regional as well as core area demands.

2. The trust believes that the existing regional structure and a continued reliance on a collaborative approach will not allow the Wellington region to optimise its role in the national economy, or best serve the interests of those living in the region.

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May 06 2010

Submission for Wellington 2040 – The Future of Our Central City

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Part One – A Time of Great Opportunity

The aim of the Wellington Civic Trust since its formation in 1981 has been to help make Wellington the best of all possible places to live and work. We therefore approach the Council’s ”Wellington 2040 – the Future of our Central City” initiative with that aim very much in mind. The project is both timely and relevant.  Read more »

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