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  • Midland park


    Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Te Wharewaka - Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Upper Terrace

    Midland Park

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Terraces and kayak



    Tinakori Hill Lookout

    Subject to Change, by Regan Gentry



    no. 4

    no. 1

    Patent slip

    Motor Home Park

    no. 3

    Central Park

    Central Park


  • The Christchurch Civic Trust, which emerged as an action group of residents dedicated to the preservation of significant heritage landmarks and the encouragement of quality design and development of their future environment. Today the Trust continues to promote the protection and enhancement of Christchurch’s historic environment as well as positive redevelopment, quality of current urban design (including infrastructure), building and green space planning.
  • Civic Trust Auckland, a non-profit public interest group which  incorporated in 1968, aims to protect natural landforms; preserve heritage, in all its aspects; encourage good planning for Auckland city and the region; and remove visual and environmental contamination.
  • The NZ Transport Agency is a Crown entity tasked with promoting safe and functional land transport. The agency plans and delivers national transport networks and supports local networks, it works to make public transport and freight networks more effective, and works on improving road safety.