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  • Midland park


    Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Te Wharewaka - Taranaki West Wharf Terraces and Lagoon

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Upper Terrace

    Midland Park

    Taranaki West Wharf Wharawaka Terraces and kayak



    Tinakori Hill Lookout

    Subject to Change, by Regan Gentry



    no. 4

    no. 1

    Patent slip

    Motor Home Park

    no. 3

    Central Park

    Central Park


Sylvia Allan: has been on the Board for two terms.  She is a qualified town planner and operates her own business as a planning consultant.  Sylvia has had a long involvement in community issues throughout the Wellington region and beyond.

Clive Anstey: Clive was born in Wellington.  Following graduation from Vic he went to Forestry School in Aberdeen, returning to Otago in 1968. Following a stint as District Forester he went off to Lincoln College and completed a two year post graduate course in Landscape Architecture.  When the Forest Service was demobilised in 1986 he spent a brief period with the Ministry of Forestry before moving from Christchurch to Wellington in 1992 to become national planning manager for DOC. For the past 15 years he has worked as a Landscape and Resource Consultant.

Maurice Clark: Maurice is the owner of McKee Fehl Constructors, established in 1973 and with an impressive raft of projects in Wellington.  More recently he has strengthened and restored the old Defence Headquarters in Stout Street, and the Old Public Trust building in Lambton Quay, thus preserving notable buildings from Wellington’s historic past.

Eve McMahon:



Jim McMahon: who literally ‘jumped ship’ on arrival here in 1972, part-owns Caravel Group (NZ) Ltd, a management consulting company.  He has held ownership positions in other Wellington-based companies that have developed and sold innovative equipment and software projects around the world. Jim enjoys the recreational and cultural opportunities offered by Wellington and works towards the maintenance and enhancement of Wellington’s special character.

Bill Robertson: Bill was Director-General of DOSLI (now LINZ).  He is currently Chair of Terralink International Ltd, and is serving as a senior consultant for the UN on the Cameroon Nigeria Mixed Boundary Commission, and as an expert for the Sudan Boundary Tribunal in The Hague.

Jonathan Suggate: joined the Board in 2012.  He is a long-time Wellingtonian and a Canterbury-graduate in engineering.  Jonathan is currently Commercial Manager of Pioneer Energy who are a renewable energy developer, retailer and solutions provider in the New Zealand energy market.

Sonia Waters: a Wellingtonian for the past 20 years, Sonia is an architect who has worked on projects large and small, both within the public and private sectors.  She is particularly interested in projects which benefit those who have less, such as the Council’s Housing Upgrade Programme which she managed.  At present she is Associate Director of JIL, Project and Development Services. Wellington is Sonia’s perfect city, and she would like to contribute to the Trust’s objectives of keeping it that way.

Kay Paget: one the the Trust’s early Board members, Kay has returned to Wellington and is interested in again contributing to the Trust’s activities.

Yon Yi Sohn: has been an active supporter of the Save Jack Ilott Green campaign, and would now like to use that enthusiasm for the wider objectives of the Trust.  She has a background in marketing and communications in an international context, and a real commitment to making Wellington the ‘coolest little capital in the world’.  She lives in the Central City.

Amanda Dobson: is the Enviroschools Facilitator with particular interest in the Kaiwharawhara Stream and Trelissick Park area.  As several of the retiring Trustees have long held interests in the appropriate development of this Northern Gateway area, her input would be timely.